This Linkedin Digital Strategist Cape Town Job Ad stalked me into applying

The following Digital Strategist Cape Town Job ad has been following me around linkedin for the last week or 2 now. It’s everywhere I go on Linkedin. I assume the fact that I’m restructuring my career towards a more Strategic UX role makes it stand out for me as well as the Yellow Dot Logo which is a constant visual nag. I’ve been spending alot of time on linkedin lately, building my network, interacting with people in certain industries and discussing UX related topics on forums. This ad hounded me so much I eventually applied for the position regardless of the fact that it required someone more experienced in strategy than I am.Urbian Digital Strategist 800x409 This Linkedin Digital Strategist Cape Town Job Ad stalked me into applying


I’d be interested in knowing what Urbian have spent on this Ad and what kind of response it resulted in.

  • Is it targeting the right people
  • Has it resulted in the kind of response they expected in terms of numbers of appropriate applications
  • What level of targeting do these ads offer

Have you had a similar ad stalking experience? What was it?

PS: Can someone please grab this Digital Strategist role and get it out of the way now! I can’t take it any more! Apply Here!

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